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It began with a bedtime story...
There will come soft rains

Yes, that's right, the Ray Bradbury short story, "There Will Come Soft Rains"  is where the inspiration for Shortwave came from. 


    It was loaned out from the local library on a cassette tape of a radio drama in the 50's called X-Minus One. These radio plays were the forerunners to books-on-tape. As soon as I started listening I was hooked for life. The voice acting and production were amazing. They gave me the ability to listen as I went about my day. Suddenly, I loved my desk job and getting stuck in traffic!

   When my daughter was born, I wanted to pass on the gift of  literature to help shape and guide her to a more insightful and intellectual worldview. Every night I read her favorite stories, but I wanted to create Shortwave as a machine of infinite wisdom to supplement her development beyond what the web typically offers.

   But, I wondered, wouldn't other people like to enjoy this as well?  Very few of us are as dedicated to audiobooks and recordings as to curate advanced digital libraries.

Music is  easily and broadly available through the radio. Why not stories? Not blogs or youtube "influencers" or other rambling diatribes, but genuinely well crafted literature and productions. Shortwave is a radio of the very best of what's come before and a taste of what's on the horizon.

   This, I give to both my wonderful daughter and the world at large - a digital library of the aggregated wealth of human creativity and intellect from the finest minds ever to put pen to paper or words to tape. Wouldn't we all be vastly happier with deeper knowledge and insight?  

   Enjoy a few hundred books and tell me what you think.

Meet The Team

John Papjack


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Autodidact, Bibliophile, Father.

Diligently making "intellectual" a moniker of a life well lead.


Content Logistics

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Much appreciation to the as-yet unnamed Voice of Shortwave.



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 Babylonian god-king of Uruk who defeated Humbaba, the Bull of Heaven, and noted for coining the term "Epic Adventure".

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