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The Bibliophiles Dilemma

Paper books can last a lifetime.

E-book readers can store thousands of books.

Audiobooks can be enjoyed while you work or drive.

The purpose of Shortwave is to integrate all these advantages and begin from there to create something of unfathomable utility.

For your garden variety book collector there is no such thing as too much literature anymore than there is too many good movies available on Netflix. it just comes down to how much free time you have. Shortwave creates the time. you don't need to look or choose or spend hours creating playlists, its all done for you. just turn it on and then sit back and relax as the best of the worlds literature is presented to you, uninterrupted and without subscriptions or bandwidth limitations to worry about.

consider the implications of being able to ingest literature at up to the rate of 250 books per year. there are very very few individuals in the world capable of this, fewer still that can read that much year after year and continue with an active social life as well. Only Shortwave can achieve this.

Only Shortwave can achieve the scope of AI level parametric sorting as well. consider for a moment learning all of J.R.R. Tolkiens books in the order he wrote them. or consider researching legal documents for occurrences of keywords or references. or of reviewing your own private business documents for particular meta-data patterns. these types of tasks were normally done with specific sas functions or in house custom written scripts, not automated and served up on spoken request.  this is the very heart of the future of AI, not just more data but more relevant data.

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