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The Era of AI

That's not REAL AI.  

This i hear often. i'm forced to have to ask in reply, but what exactly is Real AI?  the answers are never consistent or rational. In truth of course this will always be so. we now have computer assistants that can more or less do voice web searches and is for all intents considered just short of AI. I believe when the threshold of asking, and doing rationally, is crossed there is no longer any pertinence to this question.  We are now nearly there. it's all entirely algorithmic of course but it's getting to the point of diagramatical incomprehensibility. this is my tipping point. Nonetheless, it's irrelevant. if i (ala turing test) can't differentiate the performance of a python script from an intern then the debate is entirely academic. 

I'm always somewhat surprised that people don't ask better questions. its not in my mind whether or not the Turing test has been validated, but is this now removing the need for a human. Yes, that day is here now. More important still, this is demonstrably exponential. This should concern us all. Now, having put everyone well off balance let's NOT explore the  implications. there is no way to read the future but if you care enough to follow this subject then you are already aware of the implications, they are not trivial by any means.'

But then, Hey, when the rapture comes or a skynet armageddon or whatever, at least i'll have a lot of good stories to listen to.

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